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The HBA of CNM is proud to offer a kiosk program, endorsed by the City of Albuquerque and local builders, removing the headache of proper signage from your sales and marketing operations. The program is the perfect balance for municipalities looking to manage increasing signage without encumbering local development. Our temporary kiosks are fully managed and uniform- clearing the streets of unsightly signage while alleviating your all too familiar weekend directional sign problems.

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A home buyer’s search begins with discovering who is building in the area where they want to live. Directional signs assist them in locating your new subdivisions and homes. However, local central New Mexico municipalities have sign ordinances that severely limit the use of adequate signage for new subdivisions. In Albuquerque, and the surrounding metropolitan areas, additional signage above the allowed amount is costly and more importantly- it is illegal.

In addition to providing city approved directional kiosks, our program assumes all kiosk maintenance. Once installed to the local governing body’s specifications, the HBA of CNM fully maintains the kiosks with weekly inspections. All kiosks are safely constructed with break-away legs and graffiti proof paneling. The kiosks are temporary and are removed once there is no longer a need, leaving the streets free of clutter.

Homebuilders in the central New Mexico area derive over half of their sales from directional signage use. Our uniform kiosks will assist your customers in finding you, and nurture the growth that comes from new residential development.